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We are often asked for different recommendations on different tools, training, websites, resources and services available to people interested in furthering early childhood literacy. As a result we've put together the following list of resources that we have personally used (in most cases) or those that have come highly recommended by people we trust.  Please feel free to peruse at your leisure and let us know if you think we might be missing something that might be of value to someone else.


  1. Jolly Phonics

  2. The 5 Main Aims of Jolly Phonics

  3. First Year Expectations with Jolly Phonics

  4. First Year Timetable

  5. Jolly Phonics - End of the Year Checklist

  6. Dictation Sentences

  7. Extra Dictation Sentences

  8. Alternative Spelling of Vowels

  9. Writing Ideas

  10. Dictionary Work

  11. Reading Problems

  12. Writing Problems

  13. Special Needs - 1st Question Sentences

  14. Special Needs - 2nd Question Sentences

  15. Letter Sounds in Squares

  16. Special Needs - Blending Part of a Word

  17. Special Needs - Nonsense Words

  18. Synthetic Phonics

  19. Useful Websites

  20. Important Books to Read

  21. Research Data

  22. Handmade Materials

  23. Do's and Don'ts

  24. Word Bank

  25. Steps for Teaching Reading and Writing with Jolly Phonics

  26. Special Needs and Jolly Phonics

  27. Finger Puppets

  28. Opposites Dominoes

Recomended Reading

  1. Step by Step Reading by Mona McNee. (Suitable for older Students)

  2. Why Schoolchildren Can’t Read by Bonnie Macmillan

  3. Why Children Can’t Read and What We Can Do About It by Diane McGuinness

  4. Early Reading Instruction – What science really tells us about how to teach reading by Diane McGuinness

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